hurricane irene

1:53 PM

the storm has us all stuck inside today...  these pretty littles should put a smile on your face :o)
frosted vases with spring blooms, tulip's, daffodil's,  hydrangea & lisianthis

valentine's day arrangement to a client (well, to me from my hubby)... garden rose's,
tulip's, sweet pea, lilac & viburnum
monochromatic mix of purples... hydrangea, rose's, tulip's, lilac & hyacinth
some of these photo's are older... but oldies are sure goodies on a day like today

thanksgiving table... harvest green's, kale, mini white pumpkin's & rose's

some garden flare... astilbe, rose's & dahlia's

luka and i are done for the day... stay dry new england

p.s. it is sooo windy here... hold onto your hats!

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