a day at the farmer's market... in maine!

9:02 PM

our favorite mainer... my beloved cousin heather (fabulous studio florist... anyone in maine needs a florist, let me know!) took me to my first farmer's market!!

it was a rainy saturday morning, we drove down a long country road with fields on either side when we pulled up to this lovely market, very sweet indeed! 
the sheep were all out in the pasture eating breakfast... and so were we 
(best ever spinach and feta croissant! homemade!!)

this was my first experience with brussel sprouts ever!!
i've eaten them, never seen them like this tho!!

french beans... who knew there were french beans?
we love all things french at les fleurs

the colors were soo rich and abundant

i so loved that all the vendors displayed their goodies on burlap covered tables!!

salad turnips...
i'd like a basket full of these just for the dining room table please

our market findings! heather made the yummiest side dish with the veggies

nestled in our tokens is some kale, which i had for the first time!

 my cousin's introduced me to kale chips, click the link below for some kale chip recipes

these plants were almost 5' high! soo pretty

i am looking forward to my next trip to the farmer's market, in the spring & summer months the market sell fresh flowers from their garden's

the color's and organic nature to all the market treats were so inspiring... can't wait to design from my new found inspirations

xo, the fleurette's 
(and a special thanks to my floral engineer!)

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