bonjour paris

7:51 PM

ahhh paris... one day we will meet

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les fleurs founder, sandra shaheen lived in paris and returned 
to andover to open les fleurs

however... i haven't had the chance to wander down the champs elysees,
dream as i explore the musée du louvre or enjoy my café au lait at a darling pâtisserie.

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my latte and tasty treats... (i think so)

on this chilly january sunday i thought it would be more fun to rêver about paris

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darling patisserie... where we will sip coffee all day, watching fashion walk by

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beautiful french breads... look soo yummy!

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fabulous iron balconies... les fleurs would create 
the most beautiful container gardens for each one

is there a better way to zip around the city than on a pink vespa?

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there are many vespa rental and tour companies in paris that will lead guided group or privet tours during your visit to the amazing city.  i did a general search online and found 2 separate vespa tour companies 

click on their links below to visit their sites

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does this really happen? all the adorable colored hot air balloons just floating through the sky!

paris in the winter looks positively dreamy...

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the eiffel tower looks so pretty as a back drop 
to the spruce tree's covered in snow

the city of paris is one of many on our list of places to go... to see the fashion and flowers with the old world charm... truly a dream

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xo, the fleurette's

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