flower of the day, thursday

3:58 PM

flower of the day, thursday, april 20
karl rosenfeld peony

double peony, cranberry red

so as i said before i am IN LOVE WITH PEONIES!  (see my obession below!!)
rightfully so that i choose them AGAIN as flower os the day, i can't help it... it would be unfair to keep these gems all to myself and not share their amazing-ness (not a word, i know... but that's how to discribe them)

as each week plugs along here at the shop flowers start to disappear and the variety changes... one of the coolest parts of our job, in 4 weeks we'll see completely different flowers, until then i will peony-everything!! and ask the girls, i really will ;o)

xo... kerianne and the fleurette’s


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