wooden planters... install day!

9:04 PM

many folks may not know that we provide small container garden, window boxes and planter design services.  what does that mean you ask?  well... one of our designers chooses (with or without client guidance) seasonal plants and accents, 5 times per year (early spring, spring, summer, fall and holiday) to accentuate your home or work.  to discuss planters with our designers please call les fleurs at 978.475.9669

just last week we began this 10 container install at one of our very good clients home.

wooden medallion planters with zinc liners started the whole job off to a great start!  stunning boxwood topiaries and mixed purple, white and green annuals added a little pop!

we will finish this job early next week! 4 more planters to go!

xo... kerianne and the fleurette’s

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