puppies, pumpkins and cool air

7:07 PM

this is our baby luka, our long-haired miniature dachshund with his own little pumpkin... is there anything cuter?  i think not!

it's only september 10th but the air is so cool today and there are leave's all over our front and back lawn that is really does feel like fall!  not to mention, monday night football starts tonight!

bittersweet wreath from les fleurs
pumpkins and gords are also available at les fleurs

there's nothing like coming home to a fabulous pile of pumpkins ;o)

 i truly enjoy unique ways to stage and display items.  this is my new antique dough bowl i filled with french heirloom pumpkins and mini white pumpkins for our dining room table.  i am the happiest florist in all the land for puppies, pumpkins and cool air!!  ciao for now...

xo... kerianne and the fleurette’s

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