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soo monday (memorial day) gorgeous weather, perfect long weekend... what do i decide to do?  spend over 5 hours inside making this rug ;o)

i blame pottery barn and my will to prove to anyone "i can make that!"  so here's where the idea stemmed from (hehe, floral joke)

Round Jute Rug - Natural

for our (ryan and i's) new kitchen, i wanted a round jute rug under our kitchen table and linen chairs.  so my wheel's began to turn figuring a way to make this myself!!  and... I DID IT!!  below you'll find a VERY EASY tutorial on how to make a 60" round manila rope rug (feel's like sisal on your toes, maybe a little rougher tho)

round rug how-to

1. from your local hardware store (we purchased our material's from home depot)
- 6' x 9' paint drop cloth
- glue gun sticks (atleast 30)
- 5 bags of 3/8" manila rope
-5 bags of 1/4" manila rope

2. fold your painter's drop cloth in half vertically and then half again horizontally, from the center fold meausre out 30" and draw a 1/4 moon (like a GIANT piece of pizza)

3. cut out your pizza slice, open up your cloth... leaving you with a perfect 60" circle

4. starting in the very center of your circle, bring both sizes of rope to the center to start your pattern.  using your hot glue gun, add a large dolop of glue in the center.  every time around, continue adding hot glue everywhere there is rope (* i found it easiest to create a zig-zag pattern just wide enough to catch both sizes of rope with every pass)

5. continue creating your circle with both sizes of rope until you've made a 60" round rope rug ;o)

to give you a scale with my flip flops...

6. Add trim to the edge of the rug if you like or just cut off any remaining drop cloth that is showing.

TIP... every time your rope ends, add a ton of glue to secure and fasten down the frayed edge of the rope.

i was soo happy with the outcome!  i spent $60 total to make this rug.  i'm sure you could spend less with a cheaper drop cloth (maybe use burlap or a sheet to glue the rope to that is less $$)  all in all, a great outcome!  good luck... email me if you have any questions!

our puppy luka LOVES the new rug!!  only a few more weeks and it will be in our new home!!

xo... kerianne

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