mother's day

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mother's day

1907 was the first year the u.s. celebrated the "modern" holiday and to this day, 105 years later we celebrate our mom's on the "second sunday in may".  which in 2012, just happens to be this sunday, may 13!!  

mother's day was first celebrated in the u.s. as a memorial day anna jarvis dedicated to her mother.  jarvis campaigned to have this day celebrated each year... the day's purity was short lived as jarvis was concerned, by 1920 mother's day had become a commercialized holiday (i hate to say it... it's what it's become today)  

so i say this year... in 2012 let's remember our mothers, wives, sisters, loved role models for the women they help us become... because we truly would not be able to do it without them, not because we were told to this sunday.

happy mother's day to all you amazing women out there... you deserve more than 1 day a year all your own if you ask me!!

now for my commercial shpeel... 

les fleurs is designing arrangements for the special ladies in our lives for mother's day

pick-up or delivery
friday, may 11 & saturday, may 12
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

arrangements begin at $40
local deliveries available 
wire service arrangements available


xo... kerianne and the fleurette’s

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